Confined Space

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OSHA Confined Space:

A "Confined Space" is defined as a work environment  large enough for an empolyee to enter and perform work but with limited means for entry or exit.  Tanks, vessels, silos, storage bins, hoppers, vaults and pits fall into this category because they were not designed for continuous employee occupancy.  OSHA requires workers to use appropriate fall protection/rescue equipmentfrom the time the person enters the space until they exit the space.

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The jacket has a center opening zipper and has protection for left and right side of the torso. With the bib panel in the bunker pants, this system provides full hydroblasting protection across the...
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The new CoverAll Neck protection mounts to the shoulders of the jacket and is designed to protect operators from hose or fitting failures when running the supply hose over their shoulder. Remember ...
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The armor panels are carried inside the nylon shell, and are easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. Suit cleaning and repair of the suit can be done by your local repair service, or you can s...
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The pants are bunker style with suspenders. The pants carry protection for the legs, groin and center chest. There are knee pockets for integral knee pads. The armor panels are all removable for cl...