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Nozzle Extensions

Nozzle Extensions add a level of safety and effectiveness to your cleaning process.  Extensions are added at the end of the sewer jetter hose and before the sewer cleaning nozzle.  Extension is constructed Male * Female for easy attachment.

The additional length at the nozzle is used as an aid to help prevent the nozzle from entering a lateral from the mainline or "FLIPPING" and returning to the insertion point.

Finned Nozzles Extension keep the nozzle slightly off the bottom of the pipe protecting the nozzle.

Tube Nozzle Extensions are weighted to keep the nozzle at the bottom of the pipe.  Generally used with smaller nozzles such as a radial bullet

Wire Style Extensions are designed to keep the nozzle centered in the pipe. 



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Finned Extension
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Wire Extension
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Tube Extension $82.00