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Multi - Size Washing Balls

MULTI-SIZE WASHING BALLS are designed with diagonal ribbing along the periphery. This design, along with adequate head pressure, creates a water vortex action along the pipe walls. This action will wash away packed sand, sludge, rock, grease, and other debris. The multi-size washing ball is built with the same design and construction as our domehead plugs. These balls have a water fill port that allows the user to control the buoyancy. This feature enhances the performance of these products.

Stock # Description Price Qty
PP210-812 8 "- 12"WASHING BALL 685.00
PP210-1518 15"-18" WASHING BALL 1,350.00
PP210-1824 18"-24" WASHING BALL 1,535.00
PP210-2030 20"-30" WASHING BALL 2,135.00
PP210-2436 24"-36" WASHING BALL 2,925.00
PP210-3648 36"-48" WASHING BALL 3,905.00
PP210-4860 48"-60" WASHING BALL 7,725.00