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French Creek Tripod

FrenchCreek manufactures top quality rescue equipment, complete rescue systems, and accessories to aid in rescue or recovery, all of which meet or exceed the OSHA requirements for confined space rescue!

R50 Series, 3-way Unit:

The R50 Series Unit is a self-retracting lifeline, capable of raising and lowering, for rescue or retrieval. If a worker slips or falls, the unit locks up, arresting the fall. The system can then be activated into winch mode, raising or lowering the worker to safety. The R50 also has a friction brake that prevents the crank handle from free-wheeling while under a load. The unit is manufactured of a rugged, lightweight cast aluminum housing, and includes a mounting bracket for FCP's Tripod or Davit Systems, a #45 split pulley, and carabiner for attaching the lifeline to an anchor such as a tripod. Order the R50 unit by choosing the preferred type of line (stainless steel, Galvanized, or Rope) 

MW Series:

The MW Series winches offer raising and lowering capabilities with a friction brake that prevents the unit from free-wheeling when under a load. Manufactured of a rugged steel frame and drum, the unit includes a #45 pulley, and a carabiner for attaching the line to an anchor such as a tripod. Order the MW unit by choosing the preferred length and type of line:

TP7 Series Tripods:

FCP confined space tripods are designed to withstand 5000 lbs of vertical load, yet are lightweight and portable, offering single person setup that is quick and easy. TP Series tripods feature adjustable/locking aluminum legs, safety chain, non-slip rubber safety shoes, and two attachment points on the steel head



Stock # Description Price Qty
FPR50GTP7 TP7 Tripod, R50G Rescue unit, 204 Winch Carry Bag 1,899.00
FPSB50GM7 TP7 Tripod, R50G Rescue unit, MW50G Work Winch, 204 Winch Carry bag 2,336.00