10"-15" Cues Style Steel Carbide Wheel

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Our Cues Compatible 10-15 Inch Steel Carbide Grit Wheel fit the Cues CPR, Pipe Ranger 2, SPR 2, Lamp 2, WTR. Part Number: WS-10CLW-SC Applications: Cues CPR, LAMP 2, WTR 3, SPR 2 Replacement for OEM PN: WM108 (10-15″ PVC, QC, CPR) The Cues Compatible 10-15” Steel Carbide Wheel attaches to your sewer camera transporter. The wheels of your sewer camera transporter or sewer crawler are needed in order to gain traction in dirty and greasy sewer pipe, which will increase the amount of footage you are able to inspect on a daily basis. Your sewer camera transporter allows you to inspect mainline commercial, municipal, and industrial pipelines with speed and accuracy. Sewer crawlers must be able to move through pipelines without losing traction. The Cues Compatible 10-15” Steel Carbide Wheel is made from reliable materials that are long-lasting. With the Cues Compatible 10-15” Steel Carbide Wheel, your sewer crawler will be able to move through a variety of 10-15” pipe systems made from materials such as PVC, HDPE, concrete, VCP, and ductal iron. At TruGrit Traction, we provide customers with a variety of products they can count on.