Hurco Ripcord Smoker

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Hurco Technologies Ripcord Smoker & LiquiSmoke™Liquid Smoke

Sewer & Pipe Testing Equipment

Efficient and cost effective, smoke testing has become a world-wide standard for finding leaks in sewer and plumbing systems. By forcing smoke-filled air through a sewer or plumbing system, leaks can be quickly detected as smoke escapes through problem areas. HURCO® provides all you need to manage a complete smoke testing program better and more profitably.

LiquiSmoke™ HURCO’s “LiquiSmoke™” is the safest and cleanest way to smoke test a sewer line. LiquiSmoke™ DOES NOT contain toxic compounds like “zinc chloride”, the active ingredient in smoke bombs. LiquiSmoke™has an indefinite shelf-life and can be shipped year-round without a hazardous shipping document.

LiquiSmoke™ is also efficient. It requires only two people for use with the Ripcord Smoker system. LiquiSmoke™ is a fraction of the cost of smoke bombs, and is much easier and safer to use.

MSDS Sheets Available

Ripcord Smoker18; 18.5" Fan Opening, 30" Base, 14.5" Tall @ 82#, 4130 CFM @ 3.000 static pressure

Super Smoker24; 23.5" Fan Opening, 30" Base, 17.5" Tall @ 114#, 8761 CFM @ 3.000 static pressure

LiquiSmoke, Sold Separately.

Approximately 3 hours of smoke delivery out of one gallon of LiquiSmoke

The smallest manhole size the Super Smoker will fit is 24". This is typically used for pipes 54" and larger; the standard smoke tester is ideal for most applications. 

24" will not work properly on 18" openings